MP3 AddIn for Microsoft® PowerPoint®

A well known problem for users of Microsoft PowerPoint is the fact that it is impossible to embed MP3-files in presentations. PowerPoint requires the WAV sound file format to be embedded

With MP3 AddIn developed by TopByteLabs this problem belongs to the past.

After being installed this helpful AddIn makes it possible to insert MP3 files without converting them in a difficult way with external tools to the WAV file format.

MP3 AddIn internally adds a header and changes the file name of the MP3 file and makes PowerPoint “think” it is dealing with a WAV file. The biggest advantage of only rewriting the header of the MP3 file is the size. The new WAV file will be no more than 2 byte bigger than the original MP3 file. While a real file conversion will result in extreme file size changes. With our MP3 Addin you can still enjoy the benefits of MP3 files while keeping your presentation real small and neat. Second you need no longer to remember to attach the separate MP3 files with your presentation when sending it to customers or friends.

It's easy as adding Sound from File. Simply choose MP3 from File and it works in the same way. No confusing settings on encoding or advanced streaming options or bit rates. Easy it shall be!

Screenshot Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 Version: